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Friday, 25 October 2019

Butterflies Episode - 1 Rudies

Butterflies Episode - 1 Rudies

Butterflies Episode 1: Rudies — this mobile game you will be engaged in roller skating and drawing graffiti. Here is a great game on the Android platform from French developers, where under the incendiary tracks you move through the streets of Paris, perform spectacular tricks and draw graffiti from a can. Feel complete freedom, ride in incredible places and make risky jumps. However, you must be careful, the police will not quietly watch your antics and try to detain you, so by any means do not let them catch you, and avoid surveillance cameras, so as not to attract too much attention. Game Butterflies is a big game world, performance of incredible tricks and their combinations for which points are given, excellent graphics in 3D, several characters with different parameters: speed, power, tricks and graffiti, excellent soundtracks, a variety of tasks, including arrival to a given place at a time, the passage of routes, etc.

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