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Sunday, 25 October 2020



Details of Mortal Combat 10

Experience the battle of the top, intestine, above the mortal Combat 9!

Get the power of next-gen gaming on your mobile and tablet device with this groundbreaking fighter and card collection game in this sense.

Gather an elite team of death warriors and prove themselves in the greatest war tournament on earth.

Brouutle 3V3 combat

Make your team of Death Kombat Fighters and take them to battle to earn experience, new special attacks and powerful artifacts.

Boys roster

Scorpio Combat giants like Scorpio, Johnny Cage, Sub-zero, Sonya, Kitna, Armac, and many others gather. Find the latest couples in the form of death warrior-like insects such as D 'Vorah, Agni Kasi Cage, Killer Sweet Kotl Khan, and mysterious Kung Jin.

Bio-Droping X-ray and Utilities

Mortal Kombat X brings your trademark deaths and X-rays to mobile with fantastic graphics, these top moves put you directly into the throat.

Challenge other players

Compete with other players in the Action Wars, an online competitive mode where players engage with other player teams. To earn a weekly awards, rank in the leaderboard of your own process.

Aliens in the Samon Battle

Find other players to be your partner. Lend a battle and hit a decisive blow against your enemies.

Unlock Rewards in both Console and Mobile Games

Play and play an unlock exclusive award for the Kombat X of Conrad X, which includes rare characters like classic kitana and intrigue scorpio. Playing console versions also unlocks awards in mobile.


* Mortal Kombat X is characterized by high quality scenes. The display is not optimized on devices lower than 1 GB RAM.

** A minimum of 1.5 GB of free space is required on your device.

Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. Acute violence, blood, and gore are involved.


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